Nisei Cadet Nurse of World War II

Nisei Cadet Nurse of World War II:

      Patriotism in Spite of Prejudice

Robinson and Yoshiko Ichiuji

Book signing of Japanese translation in Tokyo - 2008

This book was written to tell the story of how more than 350 Japanese American women found release from Japanese internment camps (formerly known as relocation centers) by joining the US Cadet Nurse Corps.  They left their families behind barbed wire and traveled to unfamiliar territory to pursue their dream of becoming a nurse and serving their country.  To document their involvement, 30 former Nisei cadet nurses stepped forward and shared stories, memorabilia, and pictures of their World War II experiences. 

                                                        Review by Laurie K. Glass, RN, PhD, FAAN

The Nisei Cadet Nurse Story Telling Project received the American Association of the History of Nursing Cadet Nurse Corps Award in 2002.

After fifty years Stella Kato (left) and Ida Kawaguchi (middle) thank Lucile Petry Leone, Emeritus Chief of the US Cadet Nurse Corps, for their nurse education and ticket to freedom.  Both women were interned in Japanese Relocation Centers due to their Japanese ancestry. (1994)

This books is a limited edition.

Description: 153 pages, 33 photos plus map.              

   Paper cover.

    ISBN: 0615130224

    Published by Black Swan Mill Press

    Published date -  2005

Price:  $20.00

Japanese Translation by Babel Press, Tokyo

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